The Top Telecom Scams & How to Avoid Them

The idea of a scam isn’t new to anybody. People have been scamming businesses and individuals for as long as anyone can remember and, while the concept may not be new, the methods they use change and develop with each passing year. Knowing what to watch for will help you avoid these scammers and protect yourself and your bottom line.

Ghost Calls

Nowadays, if somebody receives a call from a number they don’t recognize, they usually let it go to voicemail. This plays right into the scammers’ hands. They don’t leave a voicemail and count on you not bothering to call them back. The way this scam works is that they call from premium numbers that charge the recipient of the call, not the caller. These kinds of numbers usually start with 090, 190 or 076.


Cramming and slamming is a method employed by phone companies that involves using third party vendors to fulfill promised services to their customers. This results in extra fees and charges on the billing invoice.

You Won a Cruise

Most everyone has gotten a phone call at some point telling them they’ve won a prize, a free vacation or something of that nature. Most of the time, these calls are nothing more than a way to get your private information. If you never entered any sweepstakes or contest that would warrant such a prize, do the wise thing and hang up the phone.

Computer Virus

You may receive a call from someone trying to get information from you to fix malware on your computer, claiming to be from your service provider or some other company you may trust. The truth is, computer companies don’t track individual computers and they certainly don’t call users at the home or office to inform them of a virus. If you get a call like this, just hang up because it’s almost certainly a scam.

Time Sensitive Offers

Any honest company will likely give you the option to call back on a verified line at a later time. Scammers, on the other hand, want your money and information quickly and easily, ensuring you don’t have time to do any research. You can almost always identify a scammer by how insistent they are in attempting to pressure you into a snap decision.

Knowing what you’re up against is the first line of defense, but nobody’s perfect and mistakes happen from time to time. A professional telecom service like Rainbow Information Services can help cut down on your telecom expenses, as well as audit your invoices and identify any errors or scams you might be caught up in. Contact us online or call (888) 357-2835 today to find out how we can improve your bottom line!