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About Rainbow Information Systems Telecom
Expense Management

Rainbow Has Recovered $100s of Thousands in Telecom Overcharges Dollars.

We are a consulting firm that works with businesses and organizations to reduce their telecommunication costs. We help our clients cut:

  • Local Phone Service Expense
  • Long Distance Expense
  • Data Expense
  • Internet Expense
  • Cellular Expense.

We have not only reduced our clients’ telecom expenses going forward hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have also recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients for past telecom overcharges.

Rainbow Reduces Clients’ Telecom Expenses 15% to 40%.

There are some estimates that 80% of telecommunication bills have errors, which costs businesses millions of dollars each year. We find these billing errors and recover refunds and credits as well as correct the billings going forward. We also analyze and inventory all current telecom services and make recommendations to provide better service at lower costs. In most cases we lower our clients’ telecom expenses 15% to 40% while allowing them to zero in on their core business.

Rainbow Eliminates Erroneous Regulatory-Type Charges.

With myriad regulatory fees, various governmental charges, license fees, taxes, and other charges appearing on telecommunication bills, most companies have no clue if these charges are accurate or even valid. Most companies make the mistake of assuming these charges with official or governmental descriptions must be correct. And pay them. Some of these official-sounding charges are not even mandated, but are just profit items for the telecom providers.

Rainbow Lightens Expense-Heavy Telecom.

Over time most companies experience many changes in their businesses, personnel, locations, networks, and communication requirements. These changes result in significant transformation of their local, long distance, data, internet, and data service needs. However many of these companies lose track of all the changes. So they pay for services they are no longer using and use costly services that could be updated with lower cost services. Many times they are underutilizing other telecom areas that are costing them as well.

Rainbow Expert Telecom Reviews Optimizes Savings.
Many times companies are using older, more costly telecom services and programs that could be replaced with better, up-to-date, and lower costing programs and services. Yet with no one on staff with comprehensive telecommunication expertise or no time to make a thorough evaluation, these decisions are postponed or never made resulting in high telecom costs for the company. And when they do try to make improvements or upgrades to their telecommunication services they end up making imprudent and costly decisions.

Rainbow Significantly Lowers Telecom Expenses.

With our years of telecommunication consulting expertise we:

  • Analyze in detail our clients’ telecom bills and services including local phone service, long distance, internet, data, and cellular
  • Recover past overcharges
  • Correct current billing errors
  • Remove services not utilized
  • Optimize current telecom services and usage
  • Renegotiate poor telecom agreements
  • Make recommendations on how to better communicate and lower costs

With our in-depth telecom know how and knowledge we lower our clients’ telecommunication costs significantly while allowing them to focus on their main business.



Telecom Reviews – Like Getting Money From Heaven

“One way to find out for sure is by auditing your telecom bills, a reality check that can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. ‘It's like getting money from heaven,’ says Steven Kraemer, assistant director of academic computing and communication at the University of Illinois (UI), Chicago.”

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Telecom – Strategic Confusion, Greatest Ignorance, Biggest Frustration

“What does telecommunications mean to you? For most C-level IT managers, it’s the greatest source of short-to-intermediate-term cost reductions, the sector of greatest long-term strategic confusion, their self-acknowledged zone of greatest ignorance and the source of their biggest all-around tactical, day-to-day administrative frustration.”

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Telecom Reviews Produces Recoveries and No Downsides

"’There is no downside. Of course, the vendors don't like it because it means they have to pay some money,’ UI's Kraemer says.”

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Telecom Experts Are Neccesary in Discoverying Errors

"’It really helps to have a second pair of eyes that know what they're looking for take a look at your bills,’ she says.”

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Telecom – One of Largest Expenses and Most Difficult to Manage

Telecom services account for one of the five largest expenses of most corporations, but these costs are among the most difficult to manage.”

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  • IntraLata
  • VOIP
  • Universal Service Fund Fee
  • MPLS
  • FCC LNP Line Charge
  • VPN
  • Telecommunication Relay
  • Service Fund Fee
  • Packet Switching
  • IP Telephony
  • Frame Relay
  • PICC Charge
  • Tariff
  • ADSL
  • POTS Line
  • Multiplexing
  • Primary Rate ISDN
  • FCC Charge for Network Access
  • IXC
  • BGP
  • Trunk
  • EUCL Charge