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Phone Bill Auditing & Telecom Expense Management

Phone bill auditing and dispute resolutions are not periodically performed by companies and organizations, which typically results in the majority of businesses significantly overspending on their telecom bills. Bill auditing, investigation, analysis, and overcharge recovery from telecommunication vendors are not something that today's busy companies have the time to carry out for themselves.

Rainbow Information Systems are experts at phone and telecom bill audits - local, long distance, data, Internet, and wireless. We build the inventories of all your services, prepare bill audits of all your telecom services, catch billing errors, generate refunds and credits, and provide consulting services to optimize your telecommunication services and costs. Our telecom and phone bill audit services typically reduce our client's communication expenses by up to 40 percent.

At Rainbow Information Systems, our many years of bill audit experience allows us to discover and investigate the errors in your bills, and fight your vendors for past billing errors. Unlike your telecom vendor's biased recommendations, our consulting solutions will offer you the best overall telecom solutions in terms of price and customer service.

Our comprehensive phone bill audit services will substantially lower your monthly expenses, which means that you won't have to investigate billing issues related to fraud, or fight over a vendor bill dispute due to an old invoicing error that was not your fault. For more information about the telecommunications audit and phone bill consulting and analysis solutions we provide, please contact Rainbow Information Systems today!



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