No Risk, No Up Front Money, No-Lose Proposition. Rainbow is paid only if we recover past overcharges or reduce your costs going forward - so there is no risk to our clients. This contingency compensation model (we are paid only a portion of the savings we generate) puts all the risk on us...


Rainbow Lowers Cost by Discovering Telecom Billing Errors. Over the years Rainbow has developed the tools, resources, and technical expertise to thoroughly review our clients’ telecom bills and discover and eliminate these errors...


Comprehensive Telecom
Billing Audits

Businesses Do Not Have the Time, Resources, Processes or Skills to Prepare a Comprehensive Review of All Telecom Expenses.

  • Internal Staffs Have No Extra Time To Prepare a Full Scale Telecom Review
  • Internal Staffs Do Not Have the Tactical Skills and Expertise to Find Billing Errors
  • Internal Staffs Have No Real Strategic Processes or Tools to Organize, Manage, Research, Implement, and Follow Up Requisite for a Successful Telecom Review
  • Internal Staffs Have Little Understanding of Tariffs, Regulatory Fees and Surcharges Critical To Catching Billing Mistakes
  • Internal Staffs Have Limited Skills in Battling and Negotiating with Telecom Providers
  • Internal Staffs Have Inadequate Expertise in Many Areas – Local, Long Distance, Data, Internet, and Cellular

These Internal Short Comings Costs Organizations Millions in Telecom Overcharges Each Year.

Rainbow Makes the Investment of Time and Resources.

  • Rainbow gathers and collects the information.
  • Rainbow builds the inventories and lists of the telecom services.
  • Rainbow analyzes the data in-depth.
  • Rainbow verifies the telecom services are actually being used.
  • Rainbow validates that each telecom service is billed accurately.
  • Rainbow confirms that telecom services are not over or under utilized.
  • Rainbow researches issues and questions.
  • Rainbow contacts and works with the telecom vendors.
  • Rainbow corrects telecom errors.
  • Rainbow follows up to insure corrections are implemented.
  • Rainbow relentlessly pursues recoveries of past overcharges.
  • Rainbow makes recommendations to lower costs and improve service.
  • Rainbow keeps the client informed with periodic status updates.

All the while preparing this comprehensive review process Rainbow works to keep our clients’ involvement to the least amount possible.

Rainbow Battles the Telecom Providers for the Recoveries.

Finding the past billing errors is only part of the fight in terms. One of the most time consuming aspects of a telecom review is convincing the telecom provider to issue credits and refunds for past overcharges. In many cases the telecom providers refuse to issue credits and refunds and actually blame their clients for not catching these errors earlier.

With our years of experience we have learned the best approaches to take with the telecom providers that result in a high success rate in recovering refunds and credits for our clients. In many cases these confects for recoveries with the telecom providers can last months and entail numerous phone conversations, conference calls, email transmittals and responses, production of supporting documentation, and meetings. Some telecom providers will fight and resist in every way possible to avoid having to issue credits and refunds. We battle for our clients so they do not have to get bogged down in the fight for these recoveries and can stay focused on their strategic business objectives.

Rainbow's Expertise Insures the Highest Possible Savings.

Rainbow has developed over the years comprehensive processes, procedures, and resources to prepare a thorough examination and audit of our clients’overall telecommunication services and expenses. This wealth of Rainbow’s telecom expertise insures that Rainbow will produce the highest recoveries of refunds/credits and the largest reduction in telecom expenses going forward while keeping our clients’ involvement to a minimum. Most companies that try to do a telecommunication review on their own just do not have the know-how to generate the kind of telecom savings Rainbow can produce.


Telecom Bill Reviews – Too Expensive for Companies to do In-House

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Telecom – Strategic Confusion, Greatest Ignorance, Biggest Frustration

“What does telecommunications mean to you? For most C-level IT managers, it’s the greatest source of short-to-intermediate-term cost reductions, the sector of greatest long-term strategic confusion, their self-acknowledged zone of greatest ignorance and the source of their biggest all-around tactical, day-to-day administrative frustration.”

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Lambs to Slaughter – Companies Negotiating With Telecom Providers

But telecom industry guru Don Carros, Senior Research Analyst – Global Networking Strategies, likened customers negotiating directly with carriers as “lambs to the slaughter” because of the substantial advantages carriers possesses in knowledge and tactics. Negotiating is an art and requires deep expertise to maximize outcomes for both price and terms. And the carriers unfortunately have more than you do when it comes to driving contract terms.

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Needed: Trained Professionals to Review Telecom Bills

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Telecom Reviews – Like Getting Money From Heaven

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  • VOIP
  • Universal Service Fund Fee
  • MPLS
  • FCC LNP Line Charge
  • VPN
  • Telecommunicaiton Relay
  • Service Fund Fee
  • Packet Switching
  • IP Telephony
  • Frame Relay
  • PICC Charge
  • Tariff
  • ADSL
  • POTS Line
  • Multiplexing
  • Primary Rate ISDN
  • FCC Charge for Nework Access
  • IXC
  • BGP
  • Trunk
  • EUCL Charge