No Risk, No Up Front Money, No-Lose Proposition. Rainbow is paid only if we recover past overcharges or reduce your costs going forward - so there is no risk to our clients. This contingency compensation model (we are paid only a portion of the savings we generate) puts all the risk on us...


Businesses do not have the time, resources, processes or skills to prepare a comprehensive review of all telecom expenses. These Internal short comings costs organizations millions in telecom overcharges each year.


Phone Bill Audits to Recover Telecom Billing Error Expenses

Rainbow Lowers Cost by Discovering Telecom Billing Errors.

Over the years Rainbow has developed the tools, resources, and technical expertise to thoroughly review our clients’ telecom bills and discover and eliminate these errors saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most businesses and organizations do not have the time, resources, tools, or proficiency to properly audit their telecom bills and services.

By some estimates up to 80% of telephone bills have errors resulting in American businesses being overcharged by millions of dollars each year. Many telecom bills are convoluted, confusing, providing too much information that is not useful, and too little constructive information that could be used by telecom users to properly manage their telecom services. The result is they overpay for their telecom services and in many cases significantly overpay.

Examples of Rainbow generated savings from discovery and elimination of billing errors are:

  • Rainbow Recovered $33,000 in Circuit Overcharges.

    A Bank was being billed almost $2,000 per month more for a data circuit than the circuit was priced in the telecom contract. They were roughly billed $3,300 per month when the contract said they should have been billed $1,300 per month. Rainbow reduced their monthly cost almost $2,000 per month plus recovered $33,000 in refunds for prior overcharges.
  • Rainbow Recovered Almost $15,000 In PRI Overcharges.

    A Financial Service firm was billed for 2 PRIs when they actually only had one. Rainbow’s elimination of this error saved this company almost a $1,000 per month plus Rainbow recovered almost $15,000 in credits and refunds for past overcharges.
  • Rainbow Eliminates $13,000 In Early Termination Penalties.

    A Hospital was being billed for a data circuit connection to a third party medical billing service. However they had discontinued using this billing service but were still being billed for the circuit each month. Rainbow discovered this $450 monthly charge for an unused circuit and sought to cancel the account. The local phone company insisted that to cancel this account would cost the hospital $13,000 in early termination costs since there were still several years left on the circuit contract. Rainbow fought the local phone company and got the $13,000 early termination charge eliminated.
  • Rainbow Recovers over $80,000 In Telecom Overcharges.

    An Educational Institution had been billed at very high rates on 3 PRIs which we discovered. Rainbow fought with the large regional local phone company for months on reducing the costs of these PRIs which were under contract. After a very intense battle Rainbow was able to not only get the PRIs monthly cost reduced by close to $4,000 per month, but also got the local phone company an extremely large refund. In total we reduced this educational institution’s overall telecommunication costs by nearly $6,000 per month and generated over $80,000 in refunds and credits.
  • Rainbow Recovers $2,400 in Phone Maintenance Charges.

    A Bank was billed being billed $102.29 per month for maintenance agreements on phone equipment at two different locations. In Rainbow’s verification process we discovered that one location had been closed for years and the second location had replaced the phone equipment that was under the maintenance agreement a few years earlier. Rainbow cancelled the monthly maintenance charges and were able to generate over $2,400 in refunds for this client.
  • Rainbow Recovers over $35,000 In Telecom Overcharges.

    A Distribution company had numerous billing errors on their long distance and data invoices that amounted to tens of thousands of dollars. We fought their provider for months on not only getting refunds and credits, but in getting the billing corrected going forward. We also recovered several thousands of dollars from their local phone service providers for prior billings of phone lines that were no longer being used. In total we recovered over $35,000 in refunds and credits for this Distribution company.
  • Rainbow Recovers Almost $10,000 From Local Phone Provider. An Automobile Dealership was being charged on their local phone bill two monthly fees for a long distance program from their local phone company. However the automobile dealership was not using the local phone company’s long distance program, but was using a third party long distance carrier. Rainbow eliminated this billing error saving the client roughly $400 per month. Plus Rainbow recovered almost $10,000 in credits from the local phone company for the prior billing errors.



Telecom Reviews – Like Getting Money From Heaven

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“Companies can often find savings by reviewing their contracts and billings diligently, either themselves or via service providers. Communications providers can make mistakes such as charging the wrong rates, charging for unused bandwidth, charging for services that were neither ordered nor provided, and incorrectly applying tariffs.

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80% of Telecom Billing is in Error

“Eighty percent of bills contain overcharges that will appear month after month, he says:It will continue to go on until someone says, 'This is wrong,' and someone does something to correct it.’"

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Many Users Have No Clue In Terms of Telecom

Most users don't know what they have, what they're using, or what they're paying for. Customers often have multiple contracts covering the same services, and pay several times for the same service.”

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39% of CIOs Could Not Explain Their Telecom Bills

“When asked, ‘If your board of directors asked you to explain the line-item detail of your monthly telecommunications bill, would you be able to do so?’ 29% said, ‘No worries; let's go have a beer,’ 32% said the y were ‘a little worried,’ and 39% said they would be ‘in a world of hurt.’”

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