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Telecommunications Billing Consulting & Auditing

At Rainbow Information Systems, our telecommunication consulting services consistently provide an excellent return on your firm's investment by eliminating telecom overspending – with 15 to 40% expense reductions typical. That is because we have a proven track record of using our phone bill audit expertise to identify many types of billing errors and inaccuracies.

As a premier telecommunication consulting firm, Rainbow is in business to help YOUR business. Our team puts in the hours so you don't have to review invoices, investigate questionable charges, create inventories, battle with vendors on corrections, overcharge recovery, and so on. The result is that our telecommunication consulting company saves you time AND money in the long run.

Bill audit – how does it work?

Our telecommunication audit services start by consulting with you and reviewing current and past bills and contracts to check for incorrect charges, erroneous tax charges, and other problems that result in overspending. Most companies find it difficult to do this type of consulting in-house because it can become extremely complicated and time-consuming.

Telecommunication Consulting Company Rainbow Information Systems – How much experience do we have?

Rainbow has helped more than 300 clients reduce their telecom expenses, and we are committed to optimizing the telecom network for your business as well!

Telecommunication consulting is a field that developed because of the intricacy of company phone bills. Our experienced consultants can unearth instances of overspending through the phone bill audit process so that, instead of haggling with telecom providers and phone vendors, you can get on with your business. Rainbow Information Systems is a superior telecommunication consulting firm, and we do all we can to get the most out of your communication contracts and services.


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