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Articles About Telecom Expenses & Phone Bill Auditing

What Industry Articles & Experts Say About Telecom Billing Problems and Cost Control.

Carriers’ Billings are Inept

“Underlying the move to telecom auditing services is the widely held belief among users and industry watchers that carriers often are inept when it comes to billing and that their mistakes can cost users a bundle.”

Network World - Read Story

20% of Telecom Billing is in Error

“Gartner analyst Eric Goodness says that from what he's observed, ‘12 percent to 20 percent of telecom charges are in error, and 85 percent of the errors are in the carrier's favor."

Network World - Read Story

Telecom Providers Performance Is Poor, Billing is Worse

“One CTO summed it up this way: "There are no telecommunications vendors today that are doing a great job; they all need to be closely managed. Operational performance leaves much to be desired, and billing performance is even worse."

Computer World - Read Story

39% of CIOs Could Not Explain Their Telecom Bills

“When asked, ‘If your board of directors asked you to explain the line-item detail of your monthly telecommunications bill, would you be able to do so?’ 29% said, ‘No worries; let's go have a beer,’ 32% said they were ‘a little worried,’ and 39% said they would be ‘in a world of hurt.’”

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Many Users Have No Clue In Terms of Telecom

Most users don't know what they have, what they're using, or what they're paying for. Customers often have multiple contracts covering the same services, and pay several times for the same service.”

CIO Magazine - Read Story

Telecom – One of Largest Expenses and Most Difficult to Manage

Telecom services account for one of the five largest expenses of most corporations, but these costs are among the most difficult to manage.”

Network World - Read Story

Telecom Remains Near Top of CIO’s Expense List

In fact, respected analyst houses like Gartner, state that “Telecommunications expenditure remain near the top of every CIO’s expense list.

The Data Center Journal

Telecom – Strategic Confusion, Greatest Ignorance, Biggest Frustration

“What does telecommunications mean to you? For most C-level IT managers, it’s the greatest source of short-to-intermediate-term cost reductions, the sector of greatest long-term strategic confusion, their self-acknowledged zone of greatest ignorance and the source of their biggest all-around tactical, day-to-day administrative frustration.”

Computer World - Read Story

Lambs to Slaughter – Companies Negotiating With Telecom Providers

But telecom industry guru Don Carros, Senior Research Analyst – Global Networking Strategies, likened customers negotiating directly with carriers as “lambs to the slaughter” because of the substantial advantages carriers possesses in knowledge and tactics. Negotiating is an art and requires deep expertise to maximize outcomes for both price and terms. And the carriers unfortunately have more than you do when it comes to driving contract terms.

The Data Center Journal

Telecom Cost $2,000 to $10,000 Per Year Per Employee & Rising

Companies spend anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per year per employee on local, long distance, cellular, and data communications, and enterprise telecom expenditures are, by most accounts still growing.

CFO Magazine - Read Story

Telecom Reviews – Like Getting Money From Heaven

“One way to find out for sure is by auditing your telecom bills, a reality check that can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. ‘It's like getting money from heaven,’ says Steven Kraemer, assistant director of academic computing and communication at the University of Illinois (UI), Chicago.”

Network World - Read Story

Needed: Trained Professionals to Review Telecom Bills

"’To understand exactly what you're paying for, you need trained professionals to look over each and every one of those invoices,’ he says.”

Network World - Read Story

Telecom Bill Reviews – Too Expensive for Companies to do In-House

"’If I were to hire [my own] people to go through the bills, it would have cost a fortune,’ says Robert Urwiler, Peregrine's CIO. ‘It was a no-brainer.’"

Network World - Read Story

Auditing Telecom Bills Can Find Errors and Reduce Costs

“Companies can often find savings by reviewing their contracts and billings diligently, either themselves or via service providers. Communications providers can make mistakes such as charging the wrong rates, charging for unused bandwidth, charging for services that were neither ordered nor provided, and incorrectly applying tariffs.”

CIO Magazine

Telecom Reviews Produces Recoveries and No Downsides

"’There is no downside. Of course, the vendors don't like it because it means they have to pay some money,’ UI's Kraemer says.”

Network World - Read Story

Telecom Experts Are Neccesary in Discoverying Errors

"’It really helps to have a second pair of eyes that know what they're looking for take a look at your bills,’ she says.”

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  • IntraLata
  • VOIP
  • Universal Service Fund Fee
  • MPLS
  • FCC LNP Line Charge
  • VPN
  • Telecommunicaiton Relay
  • Service Fund Fee
  • Packet Switching
  • IP Telephony
  • Frame Relay
  • PICC Charge
  • Tariff
  • ADSL
  • POTS Line
  • Multiplexing
  • Primary Rate ISDN
  • FCC Charge for Nework Access
  • IXC
  • BGP
  • Trunk
  • EUCL Charge