Telecommunications Management & Phone Bill Auditing

Telecom management and cost control services have an extremely important place in businesses today. Telecom services have exponentially grown over time to become one of the biggest line items in corporate budgets. However, in lean economic times, telecom cost reduction can be necessary, even as telecom usage grows. With the increasing importance of cellular phones for business, and the continuing convergence of telecom and IT technologies, mobile cost management and IT auditing solutions are also crucial.

Unfortunately, telecommunication billing is notoriously difficult to decipher. The effectiveness of in-house telecom auditing is limited because employees lack the knowledge needed to carry out a thorough phone bill audit.

At Rainbow Information Systems, our experienced telecommunications consultants follow a sequence of steps that are designed to obtain the maximum telecom cost reduction for you:

  • Producing a detailed inventory of services as a basis for telecom cost control, including mobile cost management
  • Telecommunications auditing that verifies that all services being paid for are being used
  • A phone bill and IT audit to find discrepancies between telecom contracts and billing
  • Validating regulatory fees, taxes, and other additional surcharges
  • Analyzing telecom capacities and removing overcapacities
  • Renegotiation of telecom contracts to achieve best-in-class pricing
  • Optimizing telecom services and costs

Our telecom management and cost reduction measures result in a "scrubbed clean" telecom inventory with the optimum level of services being delivered by telecommunication carriers at competitive prices. Our professional auditing services are able to generate the highest possible expense reductions for our clients as well as the largest credits and refunds of past overcharges.

When clients choose to work with us, our experienced telecommunications consultants have a track record of finding big savings thanks to our auditing expertise. Experience real telecom cost reduction by putting us to work for you! Please call Rainbow Information Systems at 888-357-2835 today to begin your 100% risk-free telecom savings program.


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