Telecom Billing Analyst & Cost Reduction Services

Rainbow Information Systems' telecom cost control services start with a thorough audit that inventories current services and results in recommendations for optimization. Another crucial step in telecom cost reduction is analyzing current telecommunication billing practices to ensure that everything is correct. This is where a telecom cost management program can find immediate savings, since most phone bill audits and IT auditing solutions uncover billing mistakes that cost clients large amounts of money. If you need skilled telecommunications consulting and mobile cost management services, Rainbow's many years of experience in the audit telecom industry will help you to find maximum savings.

A systematic telecom cost control audit helps in two ways. First, identifying and correcting recurring errors results in future telecom savings in the long run. Second, refunds or credits for charges that were billed incorrectly in the past bring immediate financial rewards. Our telecom cost management experts also examine and validate all taxes, surcharges, and regulatory fees that appear on your invoices.

At Rainbow Information Systems, our effective telecom auditors uncover many different cost reduction opportunities by correcting provider mistakes on your behalf, such as:

  • Billing at rates higher than contract rates
  • Discounts not being applied to all appropriate services
  • Contracted bonuses for meeting annual revenue commitments not being awarded

Our telecom cost control and mobile cost management services identify and correct important telecom billing issues and mistakes for you. Many organizations assume that all fees must be correct and automatically pay them without a second thought. Rainbow's telecommunications consulting and IT auditing experts, on the other hand, actively search out incorrect tax rates and fees that have been charged in error, which results in refunds and lower costs for you going forward.

Let the telecom cost control specialists at Rainbow Information Systems show you the benefits of our telecom cost reduction and mobile cost management programs. Please call us at 888-357-2835 today to schedule your organization’s telecom audit.


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