Rainbow Lowers Cost by Discovering Telecom Billing Errors. Over the years Rainbow has developed the tools, resources, and technical expertise to thoroughly review our clients’ telecom bills and discover and eliminate these errors...


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Risk-Free Phone Bill Audit Service from Rainbow
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No Risk, No Up Front Money, No-Lose Proposition

Rainbow is paid only if we recover past overcharges or reduce your costs going forward - so there is no risk to our clients. This contingency compensation model (we are paid only a portion of the savings we generate) puts all the risk on us and creates a tremendous incentive for Rainbow to generate the highest possible savings to our clients. If we don’t find any savings we don’t get paid. It is the biggest “No-Brainer” in the history of the world.

Rainbow Makes You Look Like a Hero

When we recover thousands or tens thousands of dollars or when we reduce your monthly telecom spend rate by 15 to 40% you get the credit since you made the decision to engage us. CIOs, CFOs, IT Managers, Controllers, and Others who oversee telecom can not be expected to be experts in all the telecom areas.

You are focused on your core business tasks and strategic objectives and have little extra time, resources, or telecom audit proficiency to devote to a comprehensive telecom review. Rainbow’s core business is saving our clients money and we do have the time, resources, tools, processes to successfully examine your telecom expenses. We do the work and save you money – you get the credit.

Rainbow Finds Free Money For You

In today’s tough economic climate businesses and organizations are constantly hunting for ways to lower their costs. Total telecom expenses (local, long distance, data, internet, and cellular) typically make up a large percentage of companys’ administrative expenses. Plus overall telecom expenses seem to be growing for most organizations.

Rainbow has a proven track record of not only significantly lowering our clients’ month-to-month telecom expenses, but in many cases generate large recoveries of past overcharges. These finds by Rainbow go right to your bottom line. It’s like getting free money.



Telecom Reviews – Like Getting Money From Heaven

“One way to find out for sure is by auditing your telecom bills, a reality check that can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. ‘It's like getting money from heaven,’ says Steven Kraemer, assistant director of academic computing and communication at the University of Illinois (UI), Chicago.”

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Telecom Bill Reviews – Too Expensive for Companies to do In-House

"'If I were to hire [my own] people to go through the bills, it would have cost a fortune,’ says Robert Urwiler, Peregrine's CIO. ‘It was a no-brainer.’"

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Telecom Reviews Produces Recoveries and No Downsides

"’There is no downside. Of course, the vendors don't like it because it means they have to pay some money,’ UI's Kraemer says.”

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  • VOIP
  • Universal Service Fund Fee
  • MPLS
  • FCC LNP Line Charge
  • VPN
  • Telecommunicaiton Relay
  • Service Fund Fee
  • Packet Switching
  • IP Telephony
  • Frame Relay
  • PICC Charge
  • Tariff
  • ADSL
  • POTS Line
  • Multiplexing
  • Primary Rate ISDN
  • FCC Charge for Nework Access
  • IXC
  • BGP
  • Trunk
  • EUCL Charge