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Telecommunication Expense Consultants & Auditing

Telecommunication consultant Len Crawford and his professional consulting firm, Rainbow Information Systems, provides many effective telecommunication consulting services, such as phone bill analysis, contract negotiation, and overcharge recovery, as well as using our expertise to recommend ways to optimize your telecom network.

If you are looking for help with sky-high telecom bills and other related charges, Rainbow Information Systems' telecommunication consulting solutions may reduce your telecom expenses by up to 40 percent. The best part of the deal is this: our telecom audit and consulting services are 100% risk free! If we don't find you savings, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that.

Rainbow Information Systems performs our telecommunication audits using past phone bills to review all contracts and determine where overspending or inaccurate charges are occurring. After all, an extremely high percentage of telecom bills contain errors that cost U.S. businesses millions of dollars each year.

Contract negotiation can be another difficult and time-consuming area. Businesses that negotiate with telecom vendors are at a strategic disadvantage, which typically results in overpriced contracts with the terms heavily weighted to the vendor's advantage. With Rainbow's years of telecommunication consulting experience, we may be able to save you money while at the same time providing better terms for your company.

Telecommunication consulting services are something more and more businesses are finding that they cannot do without, and no one is more committed to providing exceptional customer service than Rainbow Information Systems. If you are looking for an effective telecom audit, bill analysis, contract negotiation or overcharge recovery service, we would love to be your consultant of choice!



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