Mobile Expense Management & Cost Reductions

As cellular devices become an increasingly essential part of business communications, the need for effective mobile cost management increases. Telecom consulting by Rainbow Information Systems can help your company with telecom cost reduction, such as mobile management practices to keep your billing in check. We comprehensively audit all telecom spending to locate maximum savings. A thorough telecom audit means more than just a straightforward phone bill audit to find errors. Telecommunications and IT auditing also means analyzing usage patterns to optimize all equipment and services.

In 2012, telecom consulting experts saw business spending on mobile services surpassing telecommunications billing for fixed-locations for the first time. However, while mobility lends convenience and a competitive edge, its decentralized nature makes mobile management inherently difficult. Taking accurate inventory of proliferating mobile devices is now a key part of the auditing telecom solutions we provide.

At Rainbow Information Systems, our telecom cost reduction experts use complex auditing techniques that place a proper emphasis on mobile cost management within your company. A complete telecom audit by our consultants will examine:

  • Your inventory of mobile devices such as cellphones, smartphones and tablets – and who’s using them
  • Roaming charges incurred by traveling employees
  • Overage charges for exceeding plan voice minutes or data usage
  • International calling costs

Getting a grip on these charges and having effective mobile management policies in place is crucial for every company, especially in the long run. This is because active mobile management in the cellular age is a necessity, not an preference.

Put Rainbow Information Systems' mobile cost management experts to work for your organization. We are an experienced telecom consulting and auditing company that can help you to find the most cost-effective telecom technologies on the market today. Please call us at 888-357-2835 to begin using our mobile cost management and reduction services 100% risk-free!


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