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Professional Telecommunication
Bill Auditing

Many companies' telecom services are poorly designed and/or configured to meet their current needs. At Rainbow Information Systems, our telecom and phone bill audit services are critical in determining where your company is losing money. For example, a comprehensive telecom bill audit can help your business with cost recovery on past bills. As a consultant, Rainbow will not only recover past billing errors, but we will also make recommendations to improve your telecom services in the long run.

The professional phone bill audit services provided by Rainbow Information Systems work for all of your telecom services, including cellular, paging, long distance, local, Internet and data, which allows us to generate the largest possible savings for you. Did you know that some estimates claim that more than 80% of telecom bills contain errors? Our audit services will find these overcharges, duplicate billings, dead circuits, erroneous regulatory charges, billing rate errors, and other similar mistakes.

Our telecommunication audits have discovered costly errors that result in significant savings for our clients. Phone bill audit examples of uncovering billing errors include:

  • An almost $1,000 per month billing error in the regulatory charges for an assisted living facility
  • A $2,000 monthly billing error on a data circuit connecting two banking locations
  • Duplicate billing for a PRI at a financial services company
  • Data circuits that had been dead for almost 10 years being continually billed to a hospital

If our phone bill audit provides no savings or cost recovery to your company, we are paid nothing. As experienced telecommunication consultants, we have a proven track record for providing significant savings from our comprehensive telecom bill audit services. Please contact Rainbow Information Systems today to see if we can help you.



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