Telecommunications Expense
Management & Consultation

Telecom expense management (TEM) applies cost management principles to a company's telecom services. However, comprehensive telecom cost control means much more than just implementing a TEM software solution. Telecom costs are a large component of any organization's spending, but a typical company uses such a complex mix of telecom services that they can be hard to get a handle on. Along with reining in the cost of existing fixed telecom and IT services, mobile expense management has gradually become more crucial in recent years for effective cost reduction as wireless telecom and data services become more and more essential.

Rainbow Information Systems' approach to telecom cost and expense management starts with producing a “clean” inventory of an organization's telecom services. Proper telecom cost control is impossible without knowing what equipment and services are currently in place. For example, mobile management is notoriously difficult, precisely because wireless services are inherently decentralized. Nevertheless, mobile expense management must also be part of an effective cost reduction program that begins with generating a fully detailed inventory.

The inventory phase of Rainbow's telecom expense management process includes:

  • Identifying every voice and data service being billed, such as wireless
  • Producing a detailed inventory including account number, circuit ID, physical address and connectivity points
  • Breaking down monthly costs of each service by service components

Rainbow uses this information to produce a Visio diagram as a tangible starting point for telecom cost management efforts. Our clients give high praise for the usefulness of these diagrams in recommending initial telecom cost control steps before further TEM measures are taken.

Let Rainbow Information Systems show you how our telecom expense management techniques can significantly reduce one of your company's biggest line-item expenditures. Call 888-357-2835 today to discover the benefits of our telecom cost control solutions.


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